Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Moon Trailer Bandslam

Twilight 2 New Moon Trailer in front of BandslamYou may decide to go watch the movie Bandslam this week-end because Lionsgate announced that a new trailer of Twilight New Moon, aka Twilight 2, will be shown in front of Bandslam (which is released on August 14, 2009).

And just to drive fans crazy with impatience, Lionsgate has decided to air a short 14-second tease of this Bandslam trailer of New Moon today.

So come back here, to watch it later on!

Update 3: Official New Moon Trailer 2 online!

Update 2: The second trailer of New Moon has leaked online and it's in English this time.

Update 1: Watch the tease!

Tease for New Moon Trailer in front of Bandslam



Anonymous said...

This was so amazing to watch! I heard it on the way to work and searched for it right away. Twilight news is what we live for! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Woooow! :D
I love the quote that Bella says to Jacob: "You're sort of beautiful." Awww 8D
Can't wait for the new trailer!

Anonymous said...

It kinda makes me mad that they would make people pay to see a movie they don't really want to see just to see the trailer.

!sweety! said...

OK, this was so awesome! I really hope November could come earlier! This second trailer was way better than the first one!

Anonymous said...

This was awesome! But I couldn't tell- was Bella and Jacob about to kiss?! OMG I can't wait until November 20th!
Twilight- Team Edward
New Moon- Team Jacob
Eclipse- Team Bella- Edward and Jake were both annyoing!
Breaking Dawn- Team Jakeward!

Anonymous said...

Did they actually create a trailer where actors talk about the movie out of character? Anyone hear of suspension of disbelief?!! Why would they do something to destroy the illusion so badly? I love the movie clips but the voiceover squashes it in my opinion. Way to loose you older audience by reminding them they are lusting over characters played by teenagers. Not that you care about them but their money is still green, and some of them are paying for your target audience to get in.

Anonymous said...

We are great fans of the twillight saga, we read all the books and can't wait till novemeber!

Great Job and realy grat actors!

five Stars from me and my wive!