Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Moon Clip

Preview clips of Twilight New Moon have shown at the Sand Diego Comic Con. And a few fellow Twilight fans are sharing with us those two clips of Twilight 2, aka New Moon:

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Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) - Twilight New Moon

Bella (Kristen Stewart) looks for Edward in Italy

Some exciting footage of Twilight New Moon! Love the way Edward appears to Bella when she is on her motorcycle.

New official clips of New Moon are available:

New Moon - Volturi fighting scene
Edward and Bella face the Volturi for the first time.

More clips of Twilight New Moon below:

New Moon - Birthday Party

Bella Swan is facing the Wolfpack...

Twilight 2, aka Twilight New Moon won't deceive the fans of Stephenie Meyer's novels!


Twilight Fans in Idaho said...

omg! i cant wait till this film gets in theaters i keep rereading and rereading the book over and over again and rewatching twilight the night before my friends and i go watch new moon we are having a twilight midnight party and we are so buying or tickets 2 weeks ahead!

Andee said...

that second clip totally gives me the chills!! I'm not sure I can wait all the way until November!!

brenda said...

hi I've seen the trailer of band slam a new movie of summit entertainment that's the same company of the twilight saga and in the end of the trailer they announced another trailer of new moon only for those who go to the premiere august 14 of this movie i really wanna ask you if you could tape this trailer and post it on your page ,in my country god knows when this movie is going to premiere -please i'll be very thank full with you i'm a big fan of your site ....twilight for ever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I find myself sitting here hoping and wishing that she makes it to him in time... knowing that she does since I've read the book 3 times. gives you the chills and puts you on the edge of your seat. Should be a lot better than the first.

Anonymous said...

i really do hope that the movie can give justice to the way the conversations in the book have flowed...which was not actually seen on the first movie...i'm lookibg forward to the conversations that will transpire between jason black and edward on eclipse and of course breaking was actually the prime mover of the book besides the story, i might add, the uninhibited conversations...

Lana said...

At first I was laughing at how everyone was screaming, but then I realized...I'd be doing the same thing! :)

Unknown said...

I feel so bad for Stephanie...she has only given us the most addictive series out there right now! I could not put any of the 4 Twilights down, and when I got wind of the 5th I could not wait! But I did. I have not read the first 5 chapters that are out there because I wanted to have the entire book first; now I hear that because of everyone stealing these chapters and passing them along Stephanie is refusing to finish the series. I am actually quite upset on this news and I hope that she just understands that with fame comes these kind of things and can be taken as a compliment to her work. It was just because people could not wait to finish the series. So hopefully we can all get Stephanie to reconsider and let us know what Edward was thinking!

Anonymous said...

Me and my friends are huge fans of Twilight and we've read the books 100 times over!! I don't think I can wait until November but at least it's only supposed to be a 7 month wait until Eclipse! There's a featurette trailer out which shows Jacob and Bella kissing...i don't remember that! :O Hope you all love the film as much as I know I will!

Rhanee said...

ok tottaly sure the second clip gave me chills , i was on the edge of my seat!
its taken me a year to get over twilight and now its gonna take forever to get over newmoon!
i keep reading the books over and over again, pretty syre my books have reached their limits from excessive usage lol:P
cant wait till new moon!
holla xox

Anonymous said...

Bella kisses Jacob right before the vampire war starts between the Cullens and Victoria's gang of newbies. He pretty much tricked her into it. lol

lauren.m.marshall said...

Only fifteen more days until the movie is released! The day we've all been waiting for! I am so excited, I've been listening to the soundtrack every day. I think this movie will be even better than Twilight...If that's possible!